EPTA Annual Conference 2019

In 2019, under the Romanian Presidency, the National Administration of Penitentiaries is organising the EPTA Annual Conference in Târgu Ocna at the National School for Training of Penitentiary Agents. The topic of the Annual Conference is “Staff Motivation and Retention”.


EPTA contact person in Romania, Manuela Frangu, Secretary, National Administration of Penitentiaries, Romania:


Click here to find an invitation and draft agenda of the upcoming EPTA conference.


Dear participants,

  • Is prison staff motivated to stay and evolve?
  • Are we aware enough about this?
  • Are we doing something about this?
  • What is to be done about this?
  • Are the training institutions ready to intervene in this matter?

All of these questions should count for those who train prison staff at least as much as the professional training they provide. Considering human resource to be the most valuable capital of an institution, we must seriously think about its physical, psychical and, especially emotional well-being.

Therefore, the topic of this year Conference “STAFF MOTIVATION AND RETENTION” deserves a more detailed approach and, as you have already seen on the draft agenda of the Conference, there will be three workshops on the 19th of June.

The three workshops will take place simultaneously for maximum 2 hours. They focus on sharing best practices and on learning from each other.

The themes of the workshops are:




Workshop 1 – The motivation management workshop aims at exchanging information and experience on the system different countries use in order to motivate the penitentiary staff.

What is the manner and which are the means they use to motivate the staff? What is the reaction the staff has or, better, which are the results of the motivating actions?

Workshop 2 – The goal of the penitentiary career challenges workshop is to share information on the categories of penitentiary staff and the way the personnel can be upgraded/promoted.

Workshop 3 – The enhancement of positivism towards excellence workshop focuses on exchanging information regarding the emotional and psychological state of the prison staff, as well as an overview of the management style and the organizational culture promoted within the system/institution.

We are convinced that your ideas and experiences are valuable and please share them with us!

In order to participate at one of the workshops, we kindly ask you to send the main ideas of the presentation you are going to make to, until the 24th of May 2019 and to fill in the attached workshop registration form.


Click here to download the registration form for the EPTA conference on June 18-20, 2019.
Please fill out the form individually for each participant and send it to this email address:

Note also the next logistic details:


The airports you can choose for your travel are:

Bacău airport (Bacău -Târgu Ocna – 50 km);

Iași airport (Iași – Târgu Ocna – 180 km);

Bucharest Otopeni airport (Bucharest – Târgu Ocna – 279 km);

  • Our institution will provide internal transport for all participants to the Conference;
  • The travel expenses for all EPTA members will be reimbursed with the help of the EPTA project the School got involved in, only after having attended the Conference, in the following manner: the project reimburses 575 euro per person, for travel expenses. This budget is for the travel to the airport from the home town and back, the flight to Romania and back and for the transport from the airport to the conference location and back. There is a budget for 30 people travelling, which means that, basically, there is a budget for one person from each country to attend the conference.
  • Therefore, together with the Steering Committee, we reached the following conclusion:
  1. each EPTA member country can delegate ONE person to participate in the Conference.
  2. STILL, a second person might, as well, attend the Conference provided that their expenses don’t exceed the 575 euro budget.

In case the flight ticket is more expensive, that second person will have to cover from another source, the sum that exceeds 575 euro.

NOTE: Once you have purchased your flight ticket, please let us know, as soon as possible, about the price of the flight ticket, as well as of the price of the ticket for the transport from the home town to the airport and back.

Each participant pays for his/her own flight cost, keeps the original boarding pass and receipts. Ask for reimbursement after the conference. (All boarding passes, flight ticket receipts and  tickets for the transport from the home town to the airport will be handed over to the representatives of the Netherlands Helsinki Committee during the conference.)

Please purchase economy class flight ticket in order to have your money reimbursed.

Accommodation and meals

  • The Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) provided by the project budget covers accommodation and food for EPTA members;
  • Our institution will organize accommodation, will take care of the catering and will get the expenses reimbursed within the project.
  • All participants will be accommodated at Perla Hotel, a 4 stars hotel in Slănic-Moldova (a nice resort close to Târgu Ocna).