EPTA Annual Conference 2017

This year, under the Swiss Presidency, the EPTA Annual Conference will take place in Morat, Switzerland on 19-22 September 2017.

The Conference is hosted by the Swiss Prison Staff Training Centre. The topic of the Conference will be Leadership Training and Training of Prison Managers.

The Conference will be attended by EPTA Members. Training Academies from jurisdictions that are not yet a member of EPTA may participate at the EPTA Conference as observers.


The Programme for the Annual Conference 2017 can be downloaded here.


Registration for the Conference are closed.


Centre Loewenberg

Loewenberg 49

3280 Morat



The main airports of Switzerland are Geneva or Zurich. From those airports you will have to take a train to reach the Loewenberg Centre. The train station is inside both airports. The journey will last nearly 2 hours, either from Zurich airport or Geneva airport to Muntelier-Löwenberg.

Please note that the departure place is Geneva Airport or Zurich Airport and the final destination is called Muntelier-Löwenberg.

Check the train timetable:

In any case, we will be at your disposal to identify the right connections before you arrive in Switzerland.


If you need information to organise your travel, please contact the EPTA secretariat :