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October 2018, Czech correctional staff want to improve their communication skills in the Polish language

The information that the Czech Prison Service Academy offers unique programmes focused on improving professional English language skills has already been spread among European staff training centers.

Surprisingly, it came out that Czech correctional professionals would like to attain a sufficient level of communication in Polish in order to enhance their partnership with Polish colleagues.

In October 2018, twelve staff members participated in an innovative workshop: Introduction to penitentiary Polish. A prison director, two deputy directors, heads of logistics and penitentiary departments, a psychologist, a social worker, a prevention and complaint officer, a correctional guard, an international relations officer and an Academy teacher spent 12 hours practicing the sounds and pronunciation of the most frequent and important Polish expressions and phrases. They studied original Polish articles and watched documentaries about the Polish prison system.

It is a pity that the Czech Academy did not succeed in inviting any Polish colleagues who could cooperate in the project development and/or the workshop delivery. However, the module was supported by an original well-thought-of manual which effectively helped the participants to overcome their communication barriers and difficulties with the foreign language pronunciation and to comprehend short but sophisticated texts and challenging videos.

The Czech Prison Service Academy believes that it has been contributing to more effective and open professional Polish – Czech bilateral cooperation.

Iva Prudlová, Prison Service Academy

October 2017, Stráž pod Ralskem, Czech Republic

To facilitate the need of English language development and the improvement of presentation skills of prison staff, the Czech Prison Service Academy prepared a new module of a specialized course of English for Penitentiary Practice. In October 2017, a four-day seminar with the participation of colleagues from Romania and Lower Saxony was held in Stráž pod Ralskem. The participants expressed their great satisfaction with the module and they asked for a follow-up international meeting focused on professional English training so that they can instantly use what they have learnt in their daily practice. Read the full article here.

24 November 2017, Kiev, Ukraine

On November 24, 2017, with the participation of Ukrainian and foreign scholars, teachers and scholars from leading universities, representatives of public authorities, practitioners of the State Criminal Execution Service, representatives of public and human rights organizations, as well as observation commissions working in the field of execution of sentences and probation took place in Kiev at the V International Scientific and Practical Conference on the theme “Actual problems of protection of human rights, which is in conflict with the law, through the prism of legal reforms”. To continue reading click here.