Training modules

RAN Training Collection 2018

EuroPris has cooperated with the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) to collect trainings that were developed in a number of European Prison Services dealing with radicalisation issues. The templates give short description of the training contents and contact details for further information requests. All trainings from EU Member States are also included in the RAN Collection. Files contain the following:

  • Catalonia – Sociocultural and behavioural keys of violent radicalization
  • Catalonia – Techniques to develop critical thinking
  • Practice Romania
  • Staff training collection overview

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Catalonia – Identification of professional competences

The training guides for the different professional penal execution collectives use highly innovatory methodologies, systematically identifying professional competences, which are directly related to the behaviors considered indispensable for correctly carrying out their responsibilities.

RAN Training Collection 2017


To download the Training Collection click here.

Files contain the following:

  • Basic training for correctional officers – KRUS Norway
  • E-learning Understanding and Addressing Extremism in Prisons and Probation – HMPPS England
  • Network Deradicalization in the penal system – Ministry of Justice of Hessen Germany
  • Recognizing radicalisation for prison staff – German part of Switzerland
  • Seminar and training for prison staff – Ministry of Justice Austria
  • Manifestations of extremism and radicalization inside CZ prisons – The Police academy and Prison service – Czech Republic
  • ToT awareness training and resource persons – national security unit and Danish Security and Intelligence Service
  • Training courses on violent radicalisation and proselytism in prison – Ministry of Justice – Italy
  • Training for prison guards – Ministry of Justice – Belgium
  • Training of on-site referee trainers (ORT) on violent islamist radicalisation awareness in detention – Ministry of Justice – France